About Herbalife

Herbalife International is a nutrition, weight management and skin care company founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes.


Mark Hughes goal was to change the nutrition habits of the world and all begun because he wanted his family and friends to be healthy and so…he spread the word. Herbalife has since become one of the largest distributors of herbal products in 95 countries.


With products all underpinned by science, Herbalife’s product range includes protein dense shakes, protein snacks, targeted nutrition, sports and energy supplements and personal care products.
The Formula 1 shake, a soy protein based meal replacement shake, is our number one product and the only product legally able to call itself a ‘Healthy Meal’ where all others are simply called ‘Meal Replacement’, this is due to the vast amount of vitamins and minerals included in the shake giving you 100% RDA. This is why it’s our number one product and was also one of the first products sold by Herbalife.
Our targeted nutrition range includes various products for heart health, digestive health, immune health and healthy men & women. Along with all of these great products we also offer a fantastic new 24 sports range, released in 2011 and an excellent personal care range.
Some products are vegetarian, kosher, allergen free or halal.

Herbalife have created a huge family, with each distributor being sponsored by another, the multi-level marketing aspect of the company has allowed sponsors to train and support their distributors to form successful organisations.

If you are interested in earning an extra income by helping people with their nutrition and wellbeing, then we have a fantastic opportunity for you with our ever growing family. Herbalife’s business opportunity can be implemented into whatever your current commitments are, full or part time. So get in touch with us today!!


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